Monday, April 21, 2008

Car News & New Car

Last week I posted about taking my car to the mechanic and having our suspicions confirmed that it needed a new transmission. We went to pick it up to take to the transmission shop it wouldn't start. It wouldn't start so hubby tried to give it a jump with his car. It didn't take.

After a few times of us going to pick it up, having it not start, them saying they'd check it yet again, they put a new battery in (for free because the old one was still under warranty). That seemed to do the trick in more ways that one.

As I followed hubby to the transmission shop I noticed my car was running quite well and told hubby this when we got to the shop. We drove back home where he parked his car, got into mine and we went for a very short drive through town. That's all it took for hubby to declare my car miraculously healed.

He's guessing the failing battery was behind my car acting like it needed a transmission. It sure had been acting like that anyway, probably even to our mechanic. I know zip, zilch about cars though and for all I know it could have been the hdmi cables, whatever those are!
In other news, hubby got a new (to us) car last week. You an see it on his blog here.


Jan said...

Wow! Great car! I love it when you can't tell how old a car is when you look at it. A car like that doesn't age. I hope you spend many happy miles in it! =)

Misty DawnS said...

So you don't need a new transmission??? WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I'll do a happy dance for you in a few days... not quite feeling up to it right now, but I'm still really happy for you.