Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Someone Special


Mom Knows Everything said...

You like this song to eh? Okay, enough about you, let's talk about me...I love that song. LOL ;o)

katherine. said...

I love Love LOVE Toby!

Carrie said...

OMG OMG OMG this is my favorite Toby Keith video EVER.

I love when the guys pop up from behind the couch with the foam fingers.. "Number one, oh my me my".. it cracks me up every time :D

Misty DawnS said...

LOVE this song!!!

Hmmmmm - reminds me of something ;-)

When my oldest niece was a toddler, just learning to talk, whenever this song would come on, she would hum and hum and then she would yell "ME" and then hum and hum "ME"... it was hilarious