Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I Do It

On my right sidebar I have a list of my other blogs. Some of you probably know about Heads Or Tails.. but I rarely mention the ones dealing with mental health issues - Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse, both of which are issues I have dealt with and/or am still dealing with.

I don't talk about them much. They are just there and I figure if someone needs to read them they will find them.

The comments on those blogs don't even go to the same email address that my other comments go to. It's an old generic email I used to use before I found gmail. Because of that, I always forget to check it. But I did check it yesterday and I found an anonymous comment that reminded me of why I put those blogs up back in 2006 and why I leave them up.

"I stumbled upon this blog in what felt like a last ditch effort to discover, "what the heck is wrong with me." I am a successful person, I have a good job, a wonderful partner, great children, the house two cars, dog, cat etc. etc. My question to myself is why can't I be "happy" and "normal" like other people seem to be. Why am I so restless and constantly seeking more. I have been to several therapists but none seem to understand and working in the field myself I often leave feeling that I learned nothing new in terms of theories or about myself. I thought I have dealt well over the years. After all I am so "well adjusted" considering the adversities I've overcome. Others look at me in disbelief after all when I tell them my stories. Reading your blog said it all for me. I cried and more than that felt like someone got it for the first time in my life. WOW is what I have to say. You never know when or how you'll make a difference, and you have. Thank you!!"

That's why I do it.

Note: I would not have posted the comment had it not been anonymous.


LA Nickers said...

Thanks for your sweet comment at NICKERS and INK . . . and for the blogroll addition!

Just added you to mine - at SIMPLY SNICKERS. ;-)


SIMPLY SNICKERS – weekly poetry prompts

Mercedes said...

It is good to connect with others dealing with the same issues. People that have never experienced these things before really don't understand exactly how one feels. I am straightening out my meds as we speak-because I am having too much anxiety and panic attacks...I believe part of it it is due to the loss of my beloved dalmatian, Patch. I would never wish anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares anyone! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. where to begin. I beleive you knew me when I was but a child when I went by the name StarMorph. I recently logged back on to 'cyberspace' and searched to see if i could find anyone still using their handles on google, and you showed up. I just thought I would say hi, its been a long time! drop me an email sometime.

Akelamalu said...

It's good to know that you can help someone isn't it, even if you don't know them. x

ShannonW said...

I think it is great that you have these blogs Skittles. I like knowing that I am not alone in this world. The anonymous comment reminds me a lot of myself :(

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have some kind of affirmation that you are not alone. That goes for you-and for the commenter.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'm not sure what the difference between a therapist or a counselor. But if my understanding is right aren't they suppose to give us the tools to over come our issues.

I think we all have the right to feel as we need or want to.

I have to admit I blog sometime for therapy or knowledge so I can learn about me.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I actually stumbled upon your other blog Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia some months ago. It is a real informative one.I understand though why it is somehow not as active already.I am also planning to put more blogs. I just do not know if I can manage it and I do not have any idea yet.