Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anne Rivers Siddons

I like to read. A lot. One of my favorite authors is Anne Rivers Siddons. A friend of mine introduced me to her books many years ago. I think the first one was called "Outer Banks"and I loved it. (Really! Not just because I needed to add the link, either.)

Her characters always come to life for me. I can usually relate to them in one way or another. They are real page-turners.. and when I have finished reading, I feel like I have left behind a friend.

Pick one up someday and see what I mean.


ShannonW said...

I love being introduced to new authors! Thanks Barb!

Lucy said...

I love to read a lot too skittles but I can't recall if I've ever read her? I will look for her at the library. thanks!
I just finished The English Amercan by Alison Larkin and I adored it!
hope you will check it out. :))

Anonymous said...

I liked "Nora Nora" by her. I read another book as well that was okay, but not enough to remember the name!