Monday, July 28, 2008

Computer Addicted

I may not be addicted to blogging like I used to be, but I am still very much addicted to my computer.

I go through phases with what I do on it. When I started out many, many years ago I was hooked on chat rooms. Not the sleazy kind. I hung out in one where people traded music files. (That's where I met my hubby.)

From there I went to Pogo Games. Then I found blogging two years ago and I never really thought I would tire of it. Then I started playing World Of Warcraft. Now I am totally wrapped up in it.

It's not just a game, either. Sure the questing is fun and challenging.. but there's also a lot of interaction with other people. Sometimes I just sit there and talk with others in my guild or people I meet in the cities. (I can honestly say we've never talked about Wilmington NC real estate though!)


Marci said...

Sending you good wishes, and hoping that all is well. Enjoy your latest adventure!

Jeni said...

I was hooked first on Pogo's Honeypot game, then Poppit but this spring, I discovered Pogo's Zuma and have wasted away many a day just playing that game. Now though, I am thoroughly hooked on some stupid knockoff game -like Breakout, sort of -and have been frittering away valuable blogging time playint this stupid game! ARRGH. Is sucks when one is addiction prone!

ShannonW said...

I still play games on Pogo (every day) and I go to chat rooms now and then. And we both know I am a total WoW addict. You are right Barb...WoW is more than a game. The social aspect of it is overwhelming at times.

Anonymous said...

I knew I would see a post by Shannon here. LOL
I have never been to POGO.
Don't tempt me.