Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

My outlook and state of mind have greatly improved since I started monitoring my blood glucose levels. My thoughts are clearer, my energy level is higher.

I'm able to get more things done during the day and not feel so guilty when I relax later when my husband gets home.


I ask everyone to say a prayer for Misty and her family. She just found out her aunt who helped raise her has cancer.


Today I'm putting away my warm weather clothes. I got out my cold weather clothes and am running them through the laundry. By the way.. I do NOT like cold weather. I don't like hot weather either.


A while back I did a post called Main Street. It was about how Main Street vs. Wall Street was such a hot issue during the campaign. (It still is.) I said that me and hubby weren't really doing so bad.

Last week we got a couple medical bills in the mail. Our copay has gone from $10 to $25 for routine doctor visits. We now also have to start paying a $25 copay for referral type visits and any trips to the emergency room.

I'm supposed to go see a GYN for female troubles. I have a couple doctor appointments coming up. I have blood work due. Suddenly the issue of affordable health care is a lot closer to home. I know we are still more fortunate than others. We're still a far cry from needing any commercial collection agencies. (I also know we aren't even commercial.)


Erika Jean is having another contest and I've entered it!!! If I win I get some spiffy note cards.


ShannonW said...

Health insurance is a big issue for my family and I. I do hope things get better soon.

Prayers for Misty and her family!

Erika Jean said...

awesome! thanks!
I've got u in for 2 entries!

Anonymous said...

Before I found out I was diabetic, I thought I felt fine. When I started taking meds., I found out I had really felt bad for years, but to me it was normal. I recently stopped monitoring myself as close as I had been, and I've been feeling like the "old" me. It's time to stop taking this thing so lightly. It's serious business.

I will be praying for Misty and her family.

I used to be able to handle the cold, but not the heat. I notice now I can't handle the cold as good. Can it be because of the diabetes?

I totally agree with you on health care, it needs to be addressed NOW.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm so glad Misty is going home this Friday so that she can be with her family. She is such a wonderful person that it's hard to see her so sad.

Misty DawnS said...

Thank you, Barb! I really appreciate your friendship and everything you do for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Barb! Come see why I haven't been blog-hopping or posting lately: (the new & improved) Random Autumness