Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've not had a strong stance for or against reincarnation. Until recently. Now I believe, and it's all because of a fly.

I don't know if it's because of the recent colder weather, but for some reason the neighborhood flies decided to make themselves at home in my apartment. I've been waging a war with them armed with a can of insect spray.

I started making notches on the can (not really) every time I took one out. One day I sprayed two of them doing the nasty in my dish drainer. At least they went out happy.

But there was this ONE fly! I chased it around my apartment. I sprayed it over and over, sure each time that I had gotten it. Until it came back.

I swear I saw it fall to the ground last night. I let lose with a BooYEAH!

Then this morning I woke up and turned to grab my glasses from my nightstand. There it was looking at me all proud and cocky-like. I grabbed my book and smooshed it.

Reincarnate THAT you pesky fly!


ShannonW said...

Ack!!! Flies drive me insane.

Thomas said...

I'm a believer myself.

Here's a great interview with Brian Weiss, a doctor who has regressed hundreds of people: