Monday, December 08, 2008

Time To Vote

<--- This was the picture I asked ya'll to make up captions for. I've been lazy about blogging, but here (finally) is your chance to vote for a winner.

Akelamalu said..."Is that a gun?"

bundleocontradictions said... Dude in Red - "Why thank you, it is impressive!"

Tammy said... "What the heck is that and why is mine so much smaller?"

Robyn Jones said... "Hey dude...ugh....I think something is caught in your zipper...."

lillinda said... "So, YOU are the pregnant man everyone is talking about!"

masgblog said... "You know, I saw one of those, and was thinking that I should get one."

Shannon H. said... "Is that a banana in your pants? Or are you happy to see me?"

Lucy said...1st dude- "Yo Look man, my penis is like wearing a sombrero or something!" 2nd dude- "No man, that's no sombrero, you are like having like an allergic reaction dude, maybe it was those mushrooms."

About Me: said... "There is NO way we are related."

Rambler said... "See I told ya, it will grow back longer and thicker once you shave it off."

Sara said... "Ya know, I can't tell. What kind of plumbing do you got down there?"

74WIXYgrad said... "I guess those pills DO work."

Since I can only fit ten to a voting box, I've split these into two groups. Please vote once in EACH box. Thanks.


Having two voting boxes in one post sometimes make your vote not stick. You can check by refreshing the page. The voting results will be visible to you if your vote worked.


This fun poll was brought to you buy people who have steam cleaners and aren't afraid to use them.


ShannonW said...

Ahhh too many choices hehe BUT I have voted.

Erika Jean said...

oops About Me is me. I was having an identity crisis while re-doing my blog ;-)

I love everyones captions! too funny!

Anonymous said...

They are all great! I did vote in each box :)

The Curmudgeon said...

For some reason, this contest makes me distinctly uncomfortable.

masgblog said...

hi Skit..yes I changed the design yet bored ...again.

btw - Caption This is one of my fave things.

J. Moses said...

I voted also...