Saturday, January 24, 2009

Award & Meme

The random woman herself, the lovely Autumn gave me this award. I may not have the coolest blog, but I sure am glad she thinks so. Thanks, my friend!


Another friend, Tookie, tagged me with a Six Things meme. I'm supposed to list six blogs and six things I'm addicted to. I feel weird about pointing to only six blogs, so I'll skip that part and list my addictions:
  1. Smoking (Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know.)
  2. Pogo Games. No wait. World of Warcraft. No wait. The Sims2 Castaway
  3. Blogging.. to a lesser degree than in past years.
  4. Food. *Sigh*
  5. Reading (I started my new John Grisham book last night.)
  6. All things Obama
If anyone wants to play this, let me know so I can come see YOUR addictions.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm with you on 1, 3 and 4! I'm addicted to Animal Crossing - City Folks right now.

Misty DawnS said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh a new John Grisham book??? gimme gimme gimme!!!

ShannonW said...

Mine are: Pepsi, World of Warraft, Pogo, Blogging, Chocolate, Reading, Sleeping and a few more.