Monday, February 02, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I don't know about any of you, but I feel very much not there yet.

After being shaken up by my shopping adventure I should have known to stay home and regroup. Instead we went out to get the new puppy yesterday. Then, on the way home, we had to visit the pet store to get way too many some puppy associated items.

The new puppy, Sam Tater Salad, is a wonderful little guy. He snuggles (shup Misty), romps, chews on our feet.. does everything a puppy does. He's only had one accident inside and that's because I wasn't paying attention. The other times he's gone to the door and "asked" to go out. Amazing.

BUT. Change is hard for me. Bear with me, because I've told this story before...

Back when I was seriously housebound with agoraphobia, I was so bad off I couldn't step out my back door. I couldn't step onto my porch most days to even check the mail. One day, during that time, I decided to rearrange the living room furniture. I got about halfway through before becoming overwhelmed with all the CHANGE and disarray.

I retreated to my desk chair and sat there holding myself, rocking and crying until my seventeen year old daughter came home. As she walked through the door I cried out, "Put it all back!"

And she did.

Yeah, my kids kinda went through Hell with me when I was like this.

As adorable as Sam Tater Salad is, he also brings CHANGE. My routine has changed. I need to be alert to what he's doing (chewing on). I have to watch him and remember when puppies need to go out... upon waking, after eating.

Just a sec. He's chewing one of hubby's slippers.

OK.. I successfully diverted his attention with one of his too many toys.

I know this is all to be expected when getting a puppy. I am ready and willing to do it because I know in the long run it will be more than worth it. I know HE is worth it.

In the meantime though.. well.. *Twitch*


Jeni said...

Oh Baby! You are so right on all the CHANGE that gonna be coming your way with that puppy! Mostly changing papers for now though! But it will bring other changes your way too and, once you get over the bulk of those changes of acquiring the puppy, the other changes that will come your way -I'm putting my money on that they will be very beneficial -for you as well as for the puppy too!
Keep us posted on the progress -photos are great, ya know!
Peace! And Happy Groundhog's Day too.

Carolina said...

A puppy! Congratulations! Yep, lots of change and a lot of work but a lot of very good things come from that too. I wish you and Sam Tater Salad (is that really his name, cause I thinks it's the BEST name ever, biggest smile!) all the best. No photos yet?

Misty DawnS said...

Piece of advice... do NOT leave glue traps out where the snuggly-Schnoodle can get to them. Just sayin'

You can do it, and it is very worth it. But, I understand too.

Akelamalu said...

He's gonna keep you busy! LOL

Robyn Jones said...

I remember how much work a new puppy was...We don't have our dogs anymore but I sure miss them.....
I don't have agrophobia but I also hate change, and when my house is out of order or messy I get really freaked out...
I know it drives my family nuts..although I think my hubby understands...

Lucy said...

twitch right back at ya!
I hope u are crate training skits?
That is a lifesaver for times when u need a break and just can't watch and be on top of him
crate him till the twitches are gone!
lot's of luck with sam tater salad! you funny lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm still looking forward to when we can afford to get Annie some obedience training. It's a strange sensation between utter frustration & giving in to the serious cuteness that she is. I'm pretty proud of how I've done, though! And once he's made his way into your routine, you'll probably forget that he was ever a vehicle of change. Wiggly waggly cute little thing I bet he is.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the new puppy. Yes, it's a change but it's a good change...and hell, if you can't adjust I'll come and take the little rascal off your hands. *wink*

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My pups were my lifesavers. good luck with the puppy training.