Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change Info

I cannot move my blog to WordPress. I imported posts to the blog I'd created there, then the blog was suspended. Nikki explained to me that WordPress doesn't allow paid advertising, which of course I do.

Here's my Plan B.

I'm keeping this blog but will change the name and domain name/URL very soon. Since this is still basically a Blogspot blog, entering the original URL ( will redirect you to the new URL once I set it up in a few days.


bcmomtoo said...

That must be what happened to me. I was importing my blogs to Wordpress, not to move but to use it as a backup, and it did that exact same thing. Weird, considering I was importing to a private blog that nobody would ever see. And how private can it actually be if they're looking at it as you import? Luckily, Blogger now has the export feature so I could backup my blogs that way.

Robyn Jones said...

I can't say that I have ever looked into wordpress..

Rebecca said...

Why are you changing it? And what's so great about WordPress? I've never tried it, so I really don't know.

Mslovely101~of ~ LowKey Graphics said...

Well I have just moved to Wordpress and everything seems fine so far. I was just having some difficulty with my template design and some widgets.the moving my blog to Wordpress task was fairly easy. I am not sure oif what kind of paid advertisements you ae talking about but, I am sure that my blog has them as well! I am not having any problem with any advertisements. How were you having a problem? Was it a free Wordpress blog you were trying to get? I had also accidentally signed up for a free wordpress blog and I still had no problems. Please send me more info if you have time.