Monday, February 16, 2009


The apartment complex where we live isn't as big as a lot of others. It only has three buildings with 48 units in each. Each building has four outer doors that lead to 12 units in that building. We live on the ground level at the first door of the last building.

One of the first nights after we got our new puppy, Hannah, I took her for a walk along the sidewalk in front of the buildings. I walk the "long way" to the far end with her and back. Eventually I'll walk her farther, but for now, that's enough to tire her (and me) out.

So.. that night I'm walking her back and I go inside the outer door and walk to my apartment door. BUT.. there's a note on the door that makes me realize I'm in the wrong place. I walk out feeling somewhat stupid and sheepish and go the the next outer door. As soon as I enter that door, I see that, once again, I'm in the wrong place.

Now I'm feeling more than stupid and sheepish. Now I'm scared and lost. I couldn't remember where I live!

I wanted to call hubby to come find and rescue me but I didn't have my cell phone with me. I wanted to sit down on the sidewalk and cry.

Of course I did make it home that night, shaken, but otherwise OK.

Do they sell system memory for people???


Carolina said...

Okay, first thing to teach the dog (never mind: sit, stay and come) "find your home honey!" (yeah, I know it's Hannah, but she looks like a honey).
And if it's any comfort, I posted a post called 'Lost' too! Coincidence?

Barb said...

Carolina: GOOD advice!

Mom Knows Everything said...

With that many buildings and apartments I'd get lost too.

Misty DawnS said...

I'm always afraid of getting lost... pretty much petrified of getting lost, so I always get myself in a panic and doubt myself and then make myself 'think' I'm lost.

Anonymous said...

Next time, bring a pocketful of pebbles. ;)

By the way, I love the new look. It's PRETTY!