Friday, April 03, 2009

Neat Freak

Hi. My name is Skittles and I'm a neat freak. Oops. I mean My name is Barb and I'm a neat freak. I forgot I was trying to lose the Skittles identity. (Even though it's still the name of my blog.)

When I posted a while back that I was perturbed my hubby didn't notice one day that I'd vacuumed the lamp shades I know I generated some raised eyebrows. And a few laughs. WITH me I'm sure. Not AT me. Maybe.

When Misty came to meet us a month ago at our motel room in Missouri she noticed how I had everything lined up all nice and neat. Pthththt. At least I don't make the bed in motel rooms. I DO have my limits.

I did say we met her in Missouri right? I just wanted to make sure you didn't think it was at one of those Outer Banks rentals. Did I mention she's afraid of the stuffed pig we gave her? *Snicker*


Misty DawnS said...

That would be because that pig is POSSESSED!!! Listen people-it watches me and it grunts (threats) all on it's own... with no prompting.

It is supposed to make noises and move when you push on its back. But, this thing is possessed! Barb is not telling you the whole story here. If she were to tell you the whole story, she'd admit that LONG after I had put the thing back in the gift bag (LONG after) it would still all of a sudden grunt and snort and the entire gift back would start shaking. If that doesn't say 'possessed', I don't know what does!

Barb said...

Mike does the same thing when I push on his back..

Misty DawnS said...


Don't look now, but I think your shoes aren't evenly lined up :-P

Tricia said...

You two are too silly!

Erika Jean said...

lol you guys are funny. but on another note. you will always be skittles to me! muhahahah!

Lucy said...

no more skitts?? So sorry! that name has stuck to me but I will call u Barb! or, maybe...
Bar bar bar
bar bar bar-ann! (although that will take too much typing time)
anyway.. fellow Neat freak, eh?? whats so funny about vacuuming lamp shades?? HOw else do we clean those?? I vacuum all my little stuffed bears (i've even washed their little outfits!)

Barb said...

Tricia: Some might call us certifiable.

Erica: I'll be Skittles to you cuz you send me stuff. LOL

Lucy: You going all Beach Boys on me?

Mom Knows Everything said...

I don't vacuum mine, I dust them then I vacuum up all the dust I spilled on the floor. I should just vacuum them then it would a lot quicker eh. Good idea!