Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Pizza Hut Fiasco

Yesterday was a long and busy day for me. To begin with, me and hubby are still having issues. My guinea pig, Gina, has not been feeling well. I fear she may not be with us much longer.

I had my first appointment with a new psychiatrist who will take over my psyche med reviews from my primary physician. (He doubled my mood stabilizer and added a very low dose of an anti-psychotic.)

After I left there, I dropped off my prescriptions and had an hour to kill before I could pick them up. I spent it shopping for a few essentials from the grocery store. I didn't get home until about 5:30.

I had set some chicken breasts out to thaw earlier, but by the time I got home I was worn out and didn't feel much like cooking. Hubby said we could order pizza and the chicken breasts went in the fridge.

The last three times me and hubby have gotten something to eat from Pizza Hut, we've been very disappointed. This includes eating in and calling ahead for pickup. But, I know their pizzas are yummy, so I thought we'd give them another chance. I called and placed our order.

Twenty minutes later I went to pick it up and this is where the fiasco part comes in.. They had misplaced my order and there was NO pizza waiting for me. Sure they offered to make one right then and there, but said no, I couldn't get it free. (I asked.)

Like I said earlier, I was tired and stressed. Ok, I might not have SAID stressed, but it was implied. I lost it. They got the brunt of everything I'd held inside.

I yelled, "Look you stupid idiot!!! Don't you know it's April Fool's Day???"

Got ya! *Snicker*

(The first part of this post is true. But we made sandwiches for dinner.)


Jan said...

Ohhhhh you got me! You're good! hehe

Carrie said...

See, that actually happened to us at Domino's once. We called, and went to pick it up, and someone had deleted the order. You can imagine the reaction that got from your son, I think.

We haven't ordered from there since.

Misty DawnS said...

You got me... do I have GULLIBLE written on my forehead... and band-aids on my... ehhh nevermind.

I like your April Fools joke better, it didn't cut me out of an hour of sleep time!

Rebecca said...

Oh man, at the wrong time of the month, after a stressful day that so sounds like something I could've done. But no, I agree, if they aren't willing to make it right for free, or heavily discounted then they don't deserve your business.

Autumn said...

Silly girl. ((hugs))

Lucy said...

hahaha!! you got me! Although.. I wouldn't have blamed you for calling them stupid !

Mom Knows Everything said...

Got me!

Mike said...

Hey, this is late and really doesn't have much to do with April fools day and "our" experience at Pizza Hut hasn't been one of overwhelming joy. Pizza Hut is the only pizza place I've ever, repeat, ever been to that has told me they are OUT of large pizzas. Also, there has been times when we visited this establishment and ordered what they had been advertising and were told the same thing...sorry we are out, or we only have 1 of that item. Tell me, is this the way to run a business?? Ok, enough of my ranting. On with the show!

Anonymous said...

Well after seeing my usually very composed mother lose it at the Verizon store a few years ago-I'd totally believe you flipping out at the people at Pizza Hut.