Friday, May 15, 2009

Better Left Unsaid

Some things are better left unsaid. Or at least not blogged about. True a blog is a way to journal your thoughts and feelings but it is also a very public way to do it. What I posted about yesterday was too personal to have been made public. WAY too personal. If I could "unpost" it so nobody could read it, I would.

Why? Because it was between me and my husband. It wasn't a look at something from the past, or something going on now that I could joke about or commensurate with other wives over. Like how men don't put the toilet seat down or how they scratch themselves in public.

And no matter what happened or how I feel about him or "us" it was unfair and a disservice to him. He cannot tell his side. I'm pretty sure he has his own side, but he would never talk about it. To anyone. I suppose that is a double edged sword.

I also want to clear something up.

I said I closed comments to avoid pity comments. I removed that part from the post because "pity" was the wrong word to use. What I meant to say was I am pretty sure what the comments would have been and I wasn't looking for them. The oh he's a dirty dog, or do what you need to do, or that's creepy to cut your arm and show a picture. (It was creepy.)

I needed to put words to my feelings so that's how I did it. My fingers would cramp up if I tried to write by hand that much. I've used a keyboard too long. I cannot write in an old fashioned journal anymore.

But to publicly blog about it? Well.. some things are better left unsaid.


On a side note, a telemarketer called yesterday

*ring ring*

Me: Hello?
Him: Mrs. Blah Blah? I'm calling to talk about blah blah blah and I'm sorry if this is not a good time..
Me: Then stop fucking calling me. *hangs up phone*

Not as funny as other telemarketer calls I've posted about, huh?


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