Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming Out

I'm not totally (dude) better, but I've turned the corner and am starting to feel normal again. Whether or not that's a good thing we'll have to wait and see. Me being normal again I mean.

This is the second week hubby has been home on a layoff. It's been nice that he's been home to bring me box after box of tissues, running out to buy me cough medicines, making me my comfort breakfast of poached eggs on toast.

It's almost been a waste of two weeks that we weren't able to take off on a vacation like we usually do. We both regret last April we didn't go to Florida to visit with my mom instead of heading west. (Getting to meet Misty was totally awesome (dude) though. We've also wanted to go back to North and South Carolina. We were there two years ago and loved the history, looking at all the Outer Banks homes and enjoying all the fresh seafood.

With the economy like it is, and with him working in the auto industry, it's probably best that we did stay home and save our money just in case. If I feel good enough to go out soon we still might take a day and find something closer to home to see or do.


Jeni said...

Maybe east? I hear train whistles calling from Altoona.

Misty DawnS said...

I'm so totally (dude) sorry you're sick!!!