Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cops On The Beach

As my sidebar indicates I was born and raised in Florida. (I moved to Michigan when I was 20-ish.) Some of those years I lived within spitting distance of the ocean. Even when my family moved away from the ocean, my grandmother still lived only a couple blocks from it.

This means I had ocean access during my teen years. This means me and other like-minded teens needed a place to go to do what teenagers do. Trying to get to bases.. or trying to avoid getting to bases while pretending you would.

There was a name for girls like that. (My guess is there still IS a name for girls like that.)

Teenagers would sometimes have to think of a good excuse for being on the beach at night whenever a policeman would stop and ask. We came up with a good one.. We were there to watch the submarine races.

Looking back it sounds like a really stupid excuse. Looking back I wish we'd had some outdoor cushions for when the police didn't stop by.


Misty DawnS said...

OMG - you crack me up!

Grace said...

HA... well at least you had an excuse... now perhaps I should say something about my growing up by the beach?