Saturday, May 23, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect?

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I usually watch videos at YouTube as part of my morning routine. (Any reason to prolong getting up is a good one, right?) So this morning I felt in a Disco mood and was looking for those when I ran across this song which I don't consider being Disco but was one of my favorites from those long ago years.

As I started singing along I couldn't help noticing the dancers. I looked again. I started giggling. I guess they didn't get much rehearsal time because they are NOT on beat with each other. The blond one even seems to get winded near the end..


Kara said...

LOL that reminded me of a little girl's dance recital where you have one girl getting it right, one going the wrong way, one 2-3 steps behind, one making up her own moves, etc :D

Lucy said...

he is blind and they are deaf!