Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Can Lead A Horse..

.. to water but you can't make it drink.

Fluffy people know how to eat right and the importance of exercise, but they don't do it. That's why they're still fluffy.

I was sitting here writing the last post about my amazing guinea pig and I got distracted. By what, you ask? You did ask, right? My flabby arms. I bet the circumference of my upper arms is the same as some people's waist.

I pushed the flab back to see what my arms would look like if I was thinner. It looks pretty good. I also realized that I haven't seen my elbows in years. The flab hangs over them. The chances of me hitting my funny bone are slim. Slim to none.

I suppose if I went on diet I'd certainly need the best diet supplements to make sure I stayed healthy. After all, what good is being thinner if I'm unhealthy?


Grace said...

You are right that you can't make the horse drink... it's like I told my doctor last year -- I finally got serious -- after he had been telling me to lose weight for almost 15 years. I thought I'd never see my wrist bone again... I can see it now. You are so right about being thinner and needing to also be healthy.

Lucy said...

what the ??? is this a commercial Buttah?
hahaha I love the term 'fluffy' our weight watcher leader AlWays uses that!
( i guess u don't DARE ever address a room of chubbsters as chubby! fluffy goes over well!)