Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blue Ribbon

There are a handful of people that kind of regularly leave a comment here. One comments on almost every post. (Misty) One leaves long-ish comments. (Jeni) And there are others who will comment if something catches their eye. (Autumn, Maggie, Bernie, Carolyn, Nicole, Grace, etc.) If I collected all this data in a logical way then I would want to do some online data backup to prevent its loss. Right?

Of course I love any and all comments, but there is one lady whose comments almost always crack me up. I've even had other people laugh at her comments when leaving one of their own. If I were to make an award for Funniest Commenter, the award would go to... *drum roll* ... Lucy from Lulu's Petals!!!

So Lucy, please accept this accept this cheesy blank award from me. Have Mr. Petals iron it or something. (Laugh.)


Lucy said...

Skittles!! I am so touched( in the head ) and so happily accept your cheesey ( no crackers?) award! And since u make me laugh like nobody I know .... Right back at you sista!! Xoxo

Misty DawnS said...

Lucy is HILARIOUS!!!