Saturday, July 25, 2009

Name That Tune

My daughter-in-law Sara is a big help when I can't remember the name of a song when I only have a line of lyrics in my head to go by. There are others in my family who are good at this, too. It's just they are harder to contact at times. Maybe they're busy reading Amazon books and I wouldn't blame them.

For over a week I had these lyrics in in my head, "If you asked me to I just might change.." Not even thinking the title was in those lyrics and then Googling it I was stuck. I called my DIL at work and in an off key way sung the line to her voice mail. She called me while walking on her lunch break and sung me a few more lines of the song. After she got back to work she called again but this time with the answer.

Thanks Sara!


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masgblog said...

that has to be one of the most beautiful songs that Celine Dion did