Friday, July 10, 2009

Cold Hard Truth

After sitting here going over bills and stuff me & Mr. Skittles have had to face the cold hard truth. We pay out a LOT more every month than he brings in and that means cutting some very big corners. One of the first to be cut is cable. TV and internet. I was fine with thinking we could watch local TV. No more World of Warcraft online either but we can play games on the PS2 and xbox. No biggie. Kind of. Then I remembered this blog and the Heads Or Tails blog. These are going to have to go into cold storage for a long time.. until things pick back up where Mr. Skittles works.

If it comes down to keeping our apartment, having food to eat, etc then this is what has to happen. There are other changes we'll be making, too. I wrote about this one because you are the people who come here and might wonder what happened when I stopped posting. And answering email. And whatever else I used to do with a computer hooked up to the internet.

In the meantime.. anyone want to buy my Ford Explorer, a crap load of camping gear, a laptop pc, a Gibson bass guitar? A large storage unit filled with other stuff?

I'll be online maybe another week.


Erika Jean said...


got to do what you got to do i guess.

Good luck selling your stuff! I was going to suggest craigslist or e-bay, but I don't think that will work to well...

You will be missed in the blog world! I'll keep on in my reader so I know when you are out of hibernation ;-)

masgblog said...


I will be lost without you, of course. You are the mainstay of my morning day, but, as Erica Jean wrote "got to do what you got to do i guess".....I will still be here when you get back...which I hope will be verry soon....xx..Mau

Misty DawnS said...

I will miss you!!! I'll not only miss your blog, but I'll miss the e-mails, Gina adventures, Banana updates, and your sense of humor, and your friendship!

Crap - I wish it didn't have to come down to this, but I understand. We have been looking at the bills and cutting back too.

I'm not going to get all sappy, because I know how hard this is on you already. I'll just say I'll miss you, and now I'll shup. (((HUGS)))

Mom Knows Everything said...

We're going to miss you! Man, that sucks Barb, but we all totally understand, the economy sucks!!! Big hug!

Jeni said...

Ya know, as a last resort -sort of -to keep the internet connection going anyway, you could always sign up for one of the really low-cost providers, like say Yeah, I know it's dial-up and that sucks, but to me, it beats going without any internet and no e-mail too. I think there are a couple others even less per month than Peoplepc -which is 10.95 a month -but right now, I'm drawing a blank on them. Hope you find some way around giving up the internet. I, for one, will be lost without your "advice column" that you run for some of us and the blog too. Peace.

Berni said...

So sorry Barb, I know I would be lost without the internet it is my lifeline to the outside world. Hope to see you back again in the not to distant future. Is there a local library that you could check your email at once in a while then all of us could still send you a note once in a while. I worry about you getting depressed.

Lucy said...

i can't even imagine how difficult this was for you to post and to go through.
My heart is breaking for you Barbara.
I will though praise you, because it takes SMARTS as well as maturity to know what you have to do and DO IT. I think we all live in denial and WAY above our means, many not taking these smart steps and instead losing their homes. I will so so miss u and am so sorry that I haven't had the emails with you that i was so enjoying(and needing).. I KNOW you will be able to get back again.. HOPE is so important.. PLEASE visit my dr.s blog before your internet is closed for encouragement and Ways to come out on top when faced with adversity.
big hugs and much love.. please let me know when u are back.. till then I wish you only happiness and Luck and all the good things you deserve xoxoxox


I don't know if I could live without internet. Luckily I need it to work so it would be the last to be cut. First would have to be my nails getting done. Sorry the bad economy is hitting home, there.

If you lived closer I would consider the camping gear but shipping would be outrageous.

In the market for a Ford Expedition. That will help at the plant anyhow.

Autumn said...

I'll miss you, my friend.
I know what it's like.
Big changes in Autumnland, too.

Anonymous said...

~See Email~

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm in the same situation but my kids are picking up the cable and the internet or they would be off.
I will hope for better days to come. until then know that people are thinking of you and you will be missed.

Bethany said...

We'll miss you- but I totally understand. Before you sign off, I finally answered the question you asked on my blog! :)

Terri said...

Ohhh no! You can't go! Why not keep the laptop and run your blog and Heads or Tails from a local free WiFi spot? We have them all over around here. Most places you can connect right in the parking lot without having to go inside and feel obligated to buy their high priced coffees. Our Local free library has free WiFi too and there you can borrow movies to watch at home too!