Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Spy

I spy ME! That was easy, huh? Why do I want to see myself? Because I'm quickly becoming a nonsmoker. I'm using more Commit lozenges (mixed up with sugar free candy) every day than I am smoking cigarettes. The hardest time remains to be early morning with late night a close second.

What I don't spy much of these days is me online. I come around to do posts similar to this one. I haven't blog hopped in days and days. I didn't even visit HoT players yesterday and it's my meme. I still have some time left on World Of Warcraft before it runs out so I've been playing that some.

I spy me painting a little and I just started crocheting again. It keeps my hands busy and away from smoking. (Maybe if I had a job in software development and it was in a smoke-free environment I would have an easier time.)

I spy me checking email a few times a day. I DO answer people who write me and quicker than I would a comment here.

I spy another real Google ad. No need to click this link as I'm posting it purely for entertainment purposes. I must have the wrong brand cell phone..

Xray Cell Phone Camera
See through clothes with your cell phone camera.


Unknown said...

May god bless you to overcome your smoking habbit. Any way you are enjoying the life now with your precious grand childrens. Be give thanks to god. For your difficulties including sugar complaint why do not try alternative medicine as Ayurveda, the old days medicine in india, which do not have any side effect and will not kill people.

Thanks and best regards.

masgblog said...

It's all good...speciall the end of smoking....good on ye...

Autumn said...

Congrats on all of your progress, my friend!! *applause*

You didn't answer my e-mail... *pouting*

Misty DawnS said...

That cell phone could actually be a bad thing ;-)

Security Spy said...

Keep it up. Non smoking is a great trend.