Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Savings Theory

I have a theory about buying things at a discount. If I have a coupon that saves me a certain amount of money then I think of that savings as free money.

Let's say I have a coupon for Best Buy. Let's say I save $50. That $50 is money I can now spend on something else. (I sure would have liked to have had a coupon like that when I bought my laptop in March!)

I bet you women will like my little savings theory. I'll give you fair warning that men do not agree or understand it. I know because I've seen Mr. Skittles roll his eyes when I try to explain it. That doesn't mean I will stop trying though. And in the meantime? I'll get some spiffy new stuff.


Mom Knows Everything said...

Coupons rock! I always use coupons, but your right about men...I've never ever seen my husband use a coupon.

Sara said...

I am not a subscriber to your savings theory. Your son has told me about it before and the trouble it would cause. :)
Now, I am a believer that rebates are free money. I don't save any money at the time of purchase. I have to send away for the rebate. By the time the rebate check comes, I have long ago paid for the merchandise. That rebate ck is free money! The rebate checks on Acuvue contact lenses are quite nice!

Lana said...

well, I like the theory! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!! and actually I kind of use it and didn't even realize it. I think I'll feel much better about telling Mr Lani ( :-) ) about the money I have spent!
Oh thanks for the link to the coupons too!

Lucy said...

i don't know what you mean that this is your theory? That is a fact. THAT savings should be spent specifically for more shoes or handbags! xox