Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zoom Zoom Zoom

I haven't posted one of these quizzes in a long time. When I went to the site to see what new ones were available, this one caught my eye. Since Mr. Skittles works in the auto industry I'm glad this was the result..

You Are A Car

You're the type of person who likes to do things your way. You're a little stubborn. You're very expressive and a true individual. You don't like to compromise.

You are a very private person. You value your alone time. While you may seem self centered to some, you are actually very cooperative when you need to be.


Autumn said...

So am I!

Lucy said...

boy from your results I was sure I would be a car too.. I got spaceship! haha
I know I am 'out there' but come on!