Saturday, August 01, 2009

Google Ad

Here's another real Google ad I found -

Fish bowl with a leakproof lid. Swim or travel with your fish!

It took a few beats for this to really sink in. To really get a mental image of someone doing these things. Swimming or traveling with your fish. Hmm.

Me and Mr. Skittles travel. We always take the dog. Last time we took the guinea pig, too. She wanted to meet Misty. We DO have an aquarium and yes it does have fish in it. But never would I consider taking them with me. Never. I wouldn't even take them outside with me. Not even if I had a couple gazebos.

As for the swimming with them part? Well that is just plain dumb.

Do you take pets when you travel?


Jeni said...

They have got to be kidding about peddling something like this! Well, that was my initial thought here but then, I thought a little more and remembered that old Barnum/Bailey line about a sucker being born every minute and I do believe anyone who would purchase something like that is either a mega sucker, total idiot, or has more money than you-know-what-kind-of brains! (I'm trying to clean up my vocabulary there a tad so as not to spout these lovely words out as often as I tend to do around the two kids who repeat everything they hear as long as it is something you don't necessarily want repeated in public, ya know!)
Peace and happy traveling with or without your pets!

Grace said...

I always take pets when I travel... usually a different one each time. I'll do a blog post on it soon... you may recall... Buffy was the latest.

Oh.. yea, my allergies... won't let the pets be 'real'... only stuffed ones...

Autumn said...

Haven't yet, but we'll have to work it out when the time comes. For the dogs, at least. The cats do just fine @ home. The girls have serious separation anxiety & it seems cruel to ever leave them w/ strangers. Now, I'm quite fond of Barney the Betta, but I don't think I have any desire to swim w/ him...

Anonymous said...

We take my dog, leave the cat at home.

Can you believe though, I've never taken my dog to the beach!!!! What kind of mother am I????

Next time I go, I will take her!

Misty DawnS said...

We HAVE to take Tag... he won't let anyone else care for him.

Gina takes the fish with her when she travels ;-)