Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Official!

Poor Jeni! I was on the phone with her when a call beeped in and I put her on hold so I could answer it. I was gone a long time.. LONG time.. and since she has a life, she wasn't there when I got back. Sorry about that, Jeni!!!

The call I went to answer was the lady from the sales office where we are buying our mobile home. It's official now. We can pick up our keys this Friday sometime between 10am and noon!!!!

I'm so excited and am glad to have that off my mind! Bring on the boxes. I'm ready. =)



That's great. Congratulations again. Get those boys to help you. :)

Is your closing on Friday? So you can start painting the walls you planned etc etc ?

Barb said...

Maggie: Welcome back and yes it will be totally ours. =)

Jeni said...

Not a problem. Barb. I waited and then after a bit, there were several clicks on the line and it went dead. I was gonna call you back but the 17-year-old was on the other phone line -which is the one with long distance -and then, I got busy with supper, then I fell asleep in the recliner for a while and then, woke up and back to the embroidery and now, here it is almost 1:30 a.m. and I'm finally just doing my blog-reading for the day! I need more hours in the day, ya know! Also probably need a bit more sleep from time to time but I do tend to cat nap from time to time in the old recliner so I catch up on that a little bit that way!
Talk to you again soon, I hope though!

masgblog said...


Barb said...

Jeni: I missed your comments here but it was better to talk on the phone.

Mau: Yah!!! Psst.. Jeni says hi. =)

Berni said...

So exciting for you having a new place. Lots to do before you are settled. I expect you will work off a few pounds just moving, so think positive.

Nice to have a blogging friend who phones. I always wonder what everyone sounds like. I would like to hear everyone's accents.