Saturday, August 08, 2009

Not Kermit

Every night when Mr. Skittles takes the dog out for a walk I ask him to please close the door. He rarely does it on his own without prompting from me. My fear is that an outdoor living creature will make its way inside to live. Tonight one did.

I wasn't doing well when it happened either. I had already taken a Xanax and was waiting for it to kick in. I was sitting at the dining room table working on my latch hook project, too.

Mr. Skittles comes in with dog. Dog starts pawing under the TV cabinet/stand. I mention maybe she's found one of the the dozen or so tennis balls she lost in here. Mr. Skittles gets a flashlight and takes a peek. He tells me to get a small bucket.

That right there told me it wasn't a tennis ball. It told me something from outside had come in. I asked what it was as I backed down the hall.. thinking OMG! It's a mouse or or or a python! (Pthth.. ya never know.)

Mr. Skittles then informed me it was a little froggy. I can deal with a frog. Preferably outside though which is where Mr. Skittles took it and set it free. I hope a marauding python doesn't get it.

It's scares like this that make me think I should check out some insurance quotes. Or just buy new underwear. I almost needed a new pair tonight.


Erika Jean said...

SOO funny! this almost EXACT thing happened to me. Here goes the worlds longest post:

I was babysitting and they have two big dogs. the baby was in bed and the two dogs started trying to get something under the entertainment stand. I too figured they were trying to get a toy or a random cracker the toddler hap dropped...but no. I'm siting there and all the sudden one of the dogs turns around with a HUGE frog in its mouth. I freak out for a second - but the frogs here are poisonous to dogs so I know I have to get the frog away from the dog. I start yelling and chasing the dog that is headed for the doggy door. I got worried because I thought he had got it outside... but no. the darn thing is belly up in the middle of the floor still alive but also bleeding a little. I don't want to touch it but I don't want to leave - in case it gets away - I finally got some Kroger bags and scooped it up (like you do with dog crap) tied the bags and tossed it out. ew ew ew ew ew it was so gross. the frog was probably softball size!! hmm, i might have to turn this in to a blog post too! lol

Mom Knows Everything said...

Aidan LOVES catching frogs, but as soon as the jumps in his hands he starts screaming like a little girl. LOL

betty-NZ said...

Ah, never seem to see the need to make our requests automatic, do they!? That's a cute story! Hope you used it against him for a while!

Misty DawnS said...

Awwwww it's just a little froggy - imagine if a possessed pig were living in your house!!!

Autumn said...

I'm okay with some living things making their way into my house, but I was just telling Spouseman again that I want to set a snake free in our crawlspace to prevent the worst: bugs (especially spiders)! I think he's warming up to the idea.