Friday, August 07, 2009

Gold Stars

Mammograms are important for early detection of breast cancer. They also help if you want your boobs smashed flat like pancakes. A couple years ago I went for a mammogram.

I had these metallic star things put on/over my nipples. Perhaps her thoughts were preoccupied wondering when her order of colonix would arrive or maybe it was standard procedure. I hope it was standard procedure.

Afterwards the stars were left on and I had an idea for something that would have to wait until I got home. I giggled to myself all the way there, too. When Mr. Skittles asked how it had gone? I pulled up my top and bra and said LOOK! I was a good girl! I got stars!!!

But that's not why I'm here today.

Mr. Skittles has been such a big help and support to me while I struggle with becoming a nonsmoker and with the new med change. (He quit smoking a little over two weeks ago.) Sometimes saying thank you over and over seems to lose it's effectiveness.

Yesterday I put a gold star sticker on his shirt. I told him he's a Gold Star husband. Throughout the day as he did more thoughtful things I said again and again that he's a Gold Star husband.

I think he likes me saying that. Maybe he wants more stickers.


Sara said...

I'll have to put more stickers on the holiday/event cards I send to him.

Calico Crazy said...

I had no idea where you were going when I started reading this; but it was a fun journey for sure. I'd hold off on giving him too many stickers at once, it will lessen the value.

Autumn said...

Hmm...thanks for the idea. My words are starting to get stale.

Grace said...

I almost spewed my soda all over the computer...
Love your post. I'm happy to see the ticker... still going strong. WOO to the HOO.

Misty DawnS said...

I would get very, very little stars ;-)

Lucy said...

i read this the other day on reader and was laughing so hard I had to run to pee.. and then forgot to comment!!
u kill me!
Pulling off those stars (well my place uses circles not stars, maybe my boobs aren't as special as yours)
Hurts like hell!!

Grace said...

I'm feeling a bit left out... my place doesn't use anything... no stars, no circles... nothing... :(