Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On The Lighter Side

When I saw the link for dog supplies the first thing I thought of was this joke:

The sign said pet supplies, so I did.

(I'll give you a second or two to think it out..)

The next thing I thought of was that we need to get a new name & address tag for our dog, Hannah. A pet store is going to be a tempting place for me right now cuz Mr. Skittles said someday when we get our own place I could get a cat. SuRpRiZe Mr. Skittles! We have our own placeeeeeee! I must be strong. I must resist. We cannot add the expense of a new cat (declawing, spaying) to our already stretched budget. Maybe in a few months..


I've had this picture for a while and thought about using it for a "Caption This" contest but I just don't have the time to do one of those right now. What caption might you have left if I'd done the contest thing though?


Grace said...

Glad to see you. I didn't need that second for the joke... got it right away. Okay.. you took down the ticker... put it back up. Make it true.. each day is a new day. Come on... I know you can do this!

Calico Crazy said...

So glad to hear that you are alive and well in Michigan. I want you to go to Walmart to get the pet tag, that way you won't be tempted by the kitties, unless you really want to be tempted. I refuse to caption that photo on the grounds that it would incriminate me!

Calico Contemplations

Technodoll said...

tee hee! i love your blog... am going to be back :)

um, for the caption... wait is this site PG 13?


Jeni said...

That picture -well it's just begging for a really great caption. Sadly, it won't be coming from me, but it did put a big smile on my face.
About the kitten, if you wait about 2-3 months on that, we will gladly reserve a kitten from the litter -due here any day now by our configurations and based on the huge waddle our cat, Nina, is sporting -again! (Yes, her second litter in less than 5 months. I didn't think they could reproduce that fast but apparently I was wrong. This time she is definitely getting some things snipped, ya know!
By the way, if you do opt for a kitten from PA, we can probably figure otu a way to meet halfway, for delivery, couldn't we?

Carolina said...

That picture is hilarious. Since I didn't get the joke I sure can't come up with a great caption. Well, something came up...

Anonymous said...

I just stumpled onto your site and saw this . Very cute site. I am in Il and when I saw this photo the first thing that came to mind was the weather forcasters words" As you can see I am "EXCITED" about the current radar images."