Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Stop

Quite often on vacations we'll see a sign that points to something interesting sounding. This last vacation was no different. It was a sign for an old coal mining place, so we turned off the main road and went to check it out. We didn't see any Kettlebells but we thought these old mining cars were really cool..


Mike said...

I love exploring these interesting places. We get to see some of the neatest things that way.

Jeni said...

Where the heck did you find/see those? Also, my friend up in Allen Park says I screwed up while you two were here in that I should have taken you to the ghost town and up to see the tunnel and after that, should have taken you to see the Viaduct Railroad bridge -an old, old relic of a RR bridge located about 5 miles from my house. Unfortunately, what my friend doesn't realize is that you guys weren't here for the whole day -only about an hour to two visit and just getting up the mountain to see the tunnel takes a hell of along time! (Horrible dirt road, almost straight uphill pull all the way too! Definitely only for 4-wheelers right now!)

Erika Jean said...

Those are pretty cool! I bet you guys would like geocaching ;-)