Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Night

Me and Mr. Skittles have known each other for nine years but last night was the first time we ever gave out Halloween candy together. We sat on the front porch of our new home with a giant bowl of candy on a table between us. We each had a glass of wine to help fight off the chill in the air.

For such a large community we didn't get nearly as many trick-or-treaters as we thought we might get. That's ok though. The ones that did come got a large handful of candy bars and me and Mr. Skittles got a kick out of the little ones in their costumes.

What did you do for Halloween?


Jeni said...

I stayed home, gave out candy while Mandy and Bill took the kids trick or treating. One house they went to belongs to the lady who cooks at Kurt's school program and she is notorious for pulling halloween pranks on the kids. Last night, she was hiding by the family's pick-up truck, dressed in a sheet with a mask and holding a bell. When kids would show up, she would start limping (sort of) towards them, shaking the bell. When she did that to Maya and Kurt, the poor little guy about went ballistic -screaming, ya know. So she came up to him, took the mask off so he could then see who it really was. When she did that, he stroked her cheek and told her, "It's okay, Miss Jackie, not scaredy, it's okay, I'm okay!" Mandy said it was too cute for anything! We had around 50 kids last night, near as I could keep track and I think I knew maybe 2-3 of 'em the rest, who knows!

Calico Crazy said...

We bought tons of candy this year. We are in a new neighborhood and were told to expect 400 to 600 kids. I'd guess we had 50, though we saw lots more when Miss Muffin and I were out Trick-or-Treating. Perhaps it's because we are off the main road.

Of course the dog took advantage of the door being a lot and ran away. Fortunately a sweet teenage girl got him to come to here then sat on a curb waiting for me to come and get him. I wish I knew more about her, I'd love to tell her parents what a wonderful child they've raised.

We still have a ton of candy, I'm gonna be so fat by the time that it's gone.

Glad you had a good time handing candy out at your new place.

Calico Contemplations

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Firsts are good. I was sick but we are too remote to get anyone.

Positive Pieces Prevail said...

I partied and partied....

Grace said...

I am proud of you and impressed... good for you and Mr. Skittles.

I studied... holed up in the bedroom. Mr. W. gave out candy and the girls went with friends in the neighborhood.

Misty DawnS said...

Sounds like you had fun!

As you can imagine, we don't get trick-or-treaters where I live (go figure, huh?). We were going to go out to a party, but then decided not to. So, we just stayed home and did a lot of nuthin.

Carolina said...

Gosh! You went outside and actually interacted with other people? Why am I so impressed? Good for you! Sounds like you had a good time ;-)

We don't 'do' Halloween in the Netherlands. But on November 11, children go from door to door singing songs about Saint Martinus, carrying home made paper lanterns with candles and expecting candy in return. Since we live on a quiet road we usually only get visited by the neighbouring kids, about 10 of them. But sometimes they go to the village, less distance to cover, more candy to collect! So we never know how many, if any, children come to our door. Such a pity that we have to eat all the leftover candy ourselves then ;-)