Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Going Out

I'm not one to leave the house much but tomorrow I'm going out. I'm not going to visit a mesothelioma lawyer. I'm long overdue for an eye exam and so I have an appointment to get my eyes checked.

I'm not looking forward to the cold, cold temps. I'm inside so much that my body is kind of used to the same temp all the time. Varying temps are hard on me.

Maybe, just maybe, while I'm out I'll try to go to Fashion Bug and redeem a gift certificate I got for Christmas. Mr. Skittles will be with me and I'll let him hold my purse. I'm sure he'll like that.


Nikki Neurotic said...

Good luck at the eye doctor!

angel6033 said...

you totally should go out and redeem your gist certifacate make the trip worth it :) and Mr skittles would love to hold your purse I am sure lol

ShannonW said...

Tell Mr. Skittles that holding the wife's purse is an admirable sport!

Grace said...

My DH just had his eye doc appt today. I know these type of things are hard... but tell me the day... and I'll pray for you... for the weather, for the anxiety... and for no change in vision... deal?

Hey I got a ? I'm going to send in email.. k?

Carolina said...

Good luck!

John MuscleMan said...

Hope You`re fine!