Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Favor

Not too long ago I did a post where I mentioned throwing confetti in the air instead of something else. Maybe it was spa filters. I don't remember exactly. Today I'm happy for another reason. A friend asked me to do her a favor and I'm glad to do it.

Grace wrote about a friend of hers in her "Heads Or Tails - Square" post yesterday who is selling Skinny Dip Candles. This friend was diagnosed with cancer last year and her son is suffering from numerous medical issues. She sells the candles hoping to offset some of the bills.

The favor was for me to write a post asking you readers to visit her post and read about her friend and the candles and all the ways they can be used. I can tell you now they're not your ordinary candles!

So.. as a favor to me.. why not take an extra minute or so and pop over to Grace's blog.


angel6033 said...

thats sounds like something I can take time out to do! afterall I love candles lol :)

Sara said...

Alright, alright. You may buy me one. *wink*