Thursday, January 07, 2010

Missed Appointments

I didn't make it to my eye appointment. I had a tummy ache. For real. It was rescheduled for tomorrow. My primary physician's office called today to remind me of an appointment I have with them tomorrow and I had to cancel that one. Partly because of the newly scheduled eye appointment but also because I haven't had blood work done.

I knew where to go to get 'fasting' blood work done before I moved but am clueless about where to go around here. I think it's even a different health care system here. Shoot.. the nearest ones may even be in a few Toronto hotels for all I know. (That's an exaggeration.)

Note: Mr. Skittles just told me the eye appt. is a week from tomorrow.. not tomorrow.

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angel6033 said...

this reminds me that I need to schedule all my yearly checkups, ugh I hate doctors appointments. :( lol