Sunday, April 04, 2010

Empty Nest

I feel like I'm going through Empty Nest Syndrome all over again. My daughter felt well enough to go home yesterday so she packed up all her things and left. I don't know if she uses acne spot treatment or not but if she does it's gone, too.

She took our cat with her. See.. we got a rescue cat last October. She was a good kitty.. but she and my moo-cow Lab just never learned to get along. It's weird not having kitty here anymore, but she'll have a good life over there. A lot more peaceful one I'm sure.

So daughter and kitty are gone. Oldest son and wife are in Florida waiting to see the Shuttle go up tomorrow and younger son and family are off on a vacation. I've seen all of them in the last week or so and it's been nice. Yep. Very nice.

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Forgetfulone said...

Learn to enjoy your quiet time. I know you'll miss your family, though.