Monday, April 19, 2010

For Someone Special

This post isn't going to be about a 7-dfbx review. I might do a post like that at some other time. After I figure out what they are. =)

It isn't about someone I know very well either. It's actually directed towards a friend of a friend. Ok.. I'll be honest now and say it's about an ex boyfriend of a friend. There the mystery is solved.

The pitiful person doesn't know how we girlfriends rally around each other. Ha! Oh boy, do we ever. Too bad he doesn't read my blog. He would read that my friend sent this song to me to post about him. He wouldn't know how much we laugh about him now though. Especially about his pencils..


Positive Pieces Prevail said...

so so so so so so laughing....rotfl laughing

Misty DawnS said...

ahahahahahahahahaha Never EVER mess with girlfriends - you'll regret it!