Friday, May 21, 2010

But Not Forgotten

A while back I was talking with a friend about how sometimes bloggers just seem to disappear. We have a bloggy friend in common who did just that. The blog is gone. I tried calling her to see if things were ok and the call didn't go through. When this happens we worry. Blogger friends are real friends.

Back to the conversation I was having with the first friend.. She told me her husband has a short list of people to call if (God forbid) something ever happens to her. A few of the people on the list are bloggers and I am one of them. If (God forbid) something ever happens to her and I get a call from her husband she wants me to write a short post letting others know.

I reassured her I would. Then I asked her if I could add in a link like barcode scanner near the bottom. She laughed and said of course I could. You just can't beat friendship like that.


Misty DawnS said...

Just no need to talk about her lack of abilities. And, you're right... you can NOT beat a friendship like that ;-)

Thomas said...

Yes, it can certainly be troubling when a blog that you regularly visit becomes moribund (I've been dying to use that word! Thank you!!).

Nikki Neurotic said...

I worry too when someone that posts on their blogs a lot, then all of a sudden stops. Or a friend that emailed me at least once a week, stops writing. Usually I figure life just got in the way...but there's always that little morbid part that makes me wonder.

Carolina said...

In my case sometimes life gets in the way of blogging (as SilverNeurotic suggested). We should all arrange something to inform our bloggerfriends if death got in the way. Although perhaps they have a really topspeed internet connection in the afterlife and we can all go on blogging from there? That would be heaven ;-)

Lucy said...

good idea! I am going to put my eldest in charge of doing this!
so nice that you are on her list of calls.. isn't this the best part of blogging .. making friends xoxo