Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm feeling pretty good today after fighting what felt like a stomach flu all weekend. I feel almost.. dare I say... energetic? Well, more than I do most days when I sit at my desk being a slug.

I've been doing some laundry and some long overdue housework. The housework won't get done in one day. I DO have a plan for what days I'll do things though.

One thing I've forgotten until just now is I need to call my doctor. I frequently have trouble falling asleep at night and I need to find out if I can take melatonin with my prescribed meds. (I would do the same check if I wanted to take apidexin.)

Well... I really don't have anything blog worthy right now, so I'll get back to work. I hope ya'll are having a good day, too. =)


Thomas said...

Stomach flus can be quite a pain though I prefer them over the regular kind. But that's me, always looking at the bright side. :)

Rose said...

hey! you must be feeling ok to be dealing with housework. i agree talk to your doctor re- the sleep issue.rose

Lucy said...

eww so sorry u had felt sick. glad it passed. energetic is so good isn't it.
that happened to me on sunday after myzumba classs.. all of a sudden I got SUCH a burst of energy and cleaned the whole downstairs part of my home! WISH i could package that feeling and sell it.. I'd be rich rich rich! xox