Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Quirky Neighbor

The quirky neighbor. Every neighborhood has one, right? Ours lives diagonally across from us.

The couple who used to live across from us.. well the wife worked in the park's office and her husband kept us up on all the gossip. Now that they've moved I guess we're on our own. Anyway..

The quirky guy is married but his wife works out of town. Rumor has it that when she's home they have occasional loud arguments. We haven't seen or heard anything like that yet probably because the wife hasn't been home much (yeah, we watch for her car) and because our windows were closed all winter.

Lately though the guy has been obsessing about his yard. Any kid on a bike that comes near it gets an earful from him. He's gone down the street and had loud discussions with some parents more than once. I swear the guy must need treatment for hemorrhoids or something the way he acts.

Yesterday he had the police in front of his place. Gesturing wildly toward his yard and then at I suppose what would be kids if any had been around.

He doesn't ever bother us.. but he gives us something to watch and roll our eyes at. Maybe we're a bit quirky, too.

Do you have any quirky neighbors?


Forgetfulone said...

Yes, we do! In the apartment where I am temporarily, we live below some strange people. Two more weeks of them!

Nikki Neurotic said...

Let me see, our neighbors on one side of us have had the cops there numerous times, a few times people have gotten arrested. I swear we've had some really shady people there.

Smalltown RN said...

Ummmmmm......YEAH!!! I live on a gravel round out in the boonies...yet on my 2km road there are about dozen neighbour across from me...ok...note...we are all on 5 acre properties as my neighbour...took offense to my hubby having a trailer and van at the top of our property...yes we weren't using them...and well should be disposed of...but for god sakes we live way out in the country...who really gives a rats ass.

Well apparently she does...she reported us to the powers that be..and eventually we had to bring those vehicles down on our property out of her sight....

Her name is Bev...hubby at a garage sale bought what we call the "Bev Light". It's this night neon light...the intent was to put it at the top of our property and at night have it positioned in such a way that it would shine on her property....
WE haven't done it yet...but boy have we ever thought about doing that.....

I moved out of the city to get away from people like this...but it would appear they are everywhere......Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday to you my friend!

Misty DawnS said...

You make sure he leaves my Banana and Gina alone!!!

Lucy said...

Oh boy do we have quirky ones that make us roll our eyes too!

The Curmudgeon said...

We had wonderful neighbors in our first house, even when the houses turned over. The first guy next door might have been misunderstood, but I didn't take offense when, shortly after we moved in, he came by with a little seedling and said, "Here, now you can have something growing in your backyard."

But when we moved to our present house... only on the other side of the parish, mind you, but with bigger lots -- room for the kids to play, etc. -- we got the real crazy people. I'll have to write about them some time -- but the one called the police because my kids were playing in the street. They couldn't play in the driveway because the missus was recovering from surgery. They couldn't play in the backyard because the neighbors behind were the police -- childless, in this area that was mostly built to house big families (they had a tiny house that someone had sandwiched across the back of two lots) -- and they were scary rude.

Large fences were erected. When I surveyed the lot line, I found that they'd appropriated 10 feet of our backyard. They really liked me after I moved the fence.

One day one of the boys accidentally hit a baseball over our fence onto the back neighbors' lawn -- not into the house or through a window, mind you. We saw the big blowhard come stomping around to my front door to yell about it. I met him on the porch and MF'd him pretty good. (I can get pretty salty with provocation.) But he wouldn't take a swing at me because he wouldn't put his pension at risk.

He left.

Eventually they moved.

But our kids were pretty well grown by then.