Monday, May 31, 2010

Shake Weight

There's a lot of different exercise equipment advertised on tv. I saw a commercial for this product a couple days ago and I KNEW I was going to have to share it with you. It's just not.. right. It doesn't take a graduate from a medical assistant school to see that.

I went to YouTube and found a video that is similar to the ad I saw. You don't have to watch much of it to see what I mean.. what caught my eye.. about why it's sort of a kinky unusual product. Enjoy the laugh.


Rose said...

i don't think i need to comment,who knows is reading this. rose

Sara B said...

Bob showed me this video:
Which is a parody of that video. When I first saw it, he explained that it was based on a real product. I thought that he must be mistaken. Wow.