Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here's a footnote to the lawnmower man post below this one..

The next day I went out on my porch and called to the neighbors across the street to welcome them home from their vacation. They walked over to talk to me. We talked a little bit about their vacation and the places they'd gone and the things they'd done.

I was going to tell them what had happened the day before with Jeff, but he had already told them about it. (They hire him from time to time to do their grass.) Apparently, despite Mr. Skittles talking to him, he still thought I'd called to hire him to do our lawn and then had not paid him. Mrs. Neighbor said she'd told him that didn't sound like something we would do and that maybe there had been a mistake.

THEN she told me something else. Not that Jeff was an apidexin scammer. But that one day he had walked into their house all the way back to their bedroom before they shooed him out. One more reason I'm glad I had the door locked that day!!!

I don't think he's dangerous. He's just kind of doh-dee-doh and doesn't think clearly most of the time. I suppose that could make him be dangerous. I don't know.


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Jeni said...

Well, it is entirely possible that he is quite harmless but, in your particular situation, definitely do think locking the doors would be a darned good idea. At least it would keep you from being frightened into going into cardiac arrest anyway!

Mike said...

I don't think he'll bother with us again. I'll bet he just got us confused with someone else in the neighborhood.

Vivian said...

doors have locks...they are to be used ha ha!!

Misty DawnS said...

Harmless or not, you don't know. I'm so glad you had (and kept) the doors locked!

Nikki Neurotic said...

I'm really paranoid with stuff like that, I'd definitely keep my door locked at all times after a situation like that.

Rose said...

sounds like this Jeff has a problem . if there should be anymore problems such as this you may need to talk with this man's family if he has one or the police. If this should be confusion and he does this again then I think you should consider something. you don't wat him to continue to walk into peopl's housesor always have to lock the door.