Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Name Is Barb

I called a friend last night and made a confession much like one would in an AA meeting. "Hi. My name is Barb and I'm fat." I then described to her all the things I cannot do anymore because my weight has crept up higher and higher.

My thinking was this would give me an advantage in my new conviction to lose weight and get my sugar under control. (Red, green, yellow or Blue Advantage didn't matter.) I needed to admit, confess, in order to move forward.

She listened (like a good friend will) then suggested I turn those negatives into positives. WHEN I lose weight I'll be able to do this. WHEN I lose weight I'll be able to do that. She suggested I make a list of these positive thoughts and put it on my refrigerator door. I decided to blog about it instead. I'm not going to make a list here of the things I cannot do anymore. The list is for me and a few trusted others. I will say this, though..

Hi. My name is Barb and I'm fat. But I won't be forever.


Positive Pieces Prevail said...


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Rose said...

sounds like a good idea. have a good day

Robyn Jones said...

That does sound like a great idea...the one thing I am feeling really discouraged about, is that since I gained weight, I find I have a lot more trouble with my back then I used is very frustrating..

Carolina said...

I can only wish you lots of perseverance. Of course you cán lose weight, it is not the most difficult thing to do; performing a lobotomy on yourself should be more difficult. But the problem usually is right there. Upstairs. You have to decide that food is no longer the solution to your problems and that you wíll feel much better and can do more things if you lose weight. (I'm speaking from experience and that sounds really irritating, I know. Sorry.) Oh, and it gets easier if you can manage to persevere.
Sorry for not just saying: whoohoo! You can do it!


Grace said...

Woo Hoo.
Hi. My name is Grace and I'm a bad bloggy friend.

Hey - just sent you something for your son. Should be there by the end of the week.


Nikki Neurotic said...

Fat or thin, we still love you Barb!

Moogie said...

You can do this! So can I. There are so many things that I can't do because of my weight. My hips and knees tell me this all the time.

The thing I am learning to do is to love myself as I am, so that I will WANT to lose the weight and with that I will be better all the way around.

Misty DawnS said...

What a great idea and a great friend!

rhymeswithplague said...

Good for you!

There is an organization called Overeaters Anonymous. I wonder if they do that AA-type greeting at their meetings?