Monday, July 12, 2010

Short List

I just posted on Facebook that I've done everything on my list for today. I added that it was a short list. I didn't say HOW short. I will here.. and explain why. Not that I need to explain. I'm just that kind of person. *smile*

My plan for today:
  1. Get dressed, including shoes
  2. Take meds on time
  3. Check blood sugar on time
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Spend at least 20 minutes on my exercise bike
  6. Stay stable in any way I can
(I didn't add applying acne treatment gel but I would have if I needed it.)

There are two reasons my list is so short. First being that after I found how out of control my diabetes has been I've committed myself to getting it under control. This involves eating right, exercising and.. well.. I just listed the things above that I need to do.

The second reason is that Mr. Skittles went back to work today after being on vacation for two weeks. I need to keep my mind busy and not watch the clock. (HAH!) I rely on his comfort and strength so much and it's hard when he's not here. I don't want to be sitting here being a basket case when he gets home. He deserves better than that.

So. I've done what I can for the day. I will make the list longer as I feel able. When I maybe feel like I can push myself safely.


Anonymous said...

you go girl!! Good for you for keeping your health in check.

masgblog said...

baby steps..always...*hugs*

Robyn Jones said...

Little lists are the easiest to manage! Works for me... I have to lose weight as well...or blood sugar is going to become more of an issue for me as well... :(

Nikki Neurotic said...

Six things isn't that small, that's great that you were able accomplish everything!

Rose said...

lists are a good idea. do you have a hobby or thought about a hobby but just haven't done anything. trying to sugg. so that a new area of your life might fill in some time? i now like to take photos and write poetry. have a good day.

Grace said...

Good list.
But I'm confused... I thought you were coming to see me in FL... not trapsing all over Michigan...
I bet you had the best time!

Moogie said...

Way to go girl! Start small. I have to remind myself of that all of the time. When I give myself too much, I end up stressing out and usually the panic attacks start hitting and I am an emotional basket case. I'm routing for you!