Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Many Years

I'm fat. I'm more than fat.. I'm obese. I mention my struggle with obesity in my left sidebar. I've always worried I would end up being one of those 600 pound people that have to have a wall cut in their home to be taken to the hospital. Possibly on the back of a flatbed truck.

Getting this obese doesn't just happen. It happened because I've eaten too much and made bad choices regarding what I've eaten. It happens because I haven't exercised. I've lived this way for too many years.

If you've been following my blog at all you know I've made a strong commitment to change all this. I monitor my blood sugar twice a day and eat healthier and less to keep it low. It could still go lower but for now it's where I set my goal. I'm sure you've noticed the 'exercise for comments' I add at the bottom of most posts, too. Please comment because I DO add those minutes to my daily ride.

Here's a picture of me at my desk. I hate to show my fat self, but it's an important thing for me to do at the same time. More of my facing the truth. Notice the love handles. These aren't normal love handles. They are industrial handles! (I've lost ten pounds since this picture. Not much but it's going in the right direction.)


Note: I normally ride my exercise bike 25 minutes a day but will add an extra minute for each comment I get on this post. One comment per person, please =)


Carolina said...

Okay, so first of all: Go Barb!

And I think it's very brave to show us all your photo. We can probably all tell you that you have such a nice, friendly face with the best smile (I can see that in the sidebar photo) and a great sense of humor, but that is not what this is about. You deserve a standing ovation!

Congratulations on the 10 pounds so far. Well done! Another standing ovation.

And LOL about how you manage to include the advert-links into your posts. Okay, third standing ovation.

Go Barb!

ShannonW said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds and keep up the good work! You have much more willpower than I do!!

Vixen of Vixensden.com said...

Go Barb! You can do it!

Smalltown RN said...

Hello Barb....

How very brave of you to post a pic..not sure I would do that...but if it sets you in the right direction that is what counts.

Congrats on your 10lbs lost already...that is a huge step in the right direction...I want you to be successful with this...setting daily goals is a great way of going about it.

I'm here for you.....you rock!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

hey ten pounds is a great start....you keep up the good work.

Grace said...

You didn't put on the weight overnight... you shouldn't expect to take it off fast either. I'm very excited for you... 10 lbs. WOO HOO.
Oh and Barb? You are a marvelous lady... and that's a marvelous photo of you too.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Ten pounds is excellent progress, keep going, keep going!

Erika Jean said...

You are doing AWESOME keep up the good work girl!

Jeni said...

As Grace said, you didn't put those pounds on overnight so you aren't going to shed them overnight either. But 10 pounds gone! Now that is terrific! And doesn't it give you a simply wonderful feeling of achievement to have done that? I'm just as proud as punch of your having done that and you should be too. And keep up the resolve to add to that number -along with the minutes you are riding your bike. Right? One step, one day, one pound at a time -in a healthy manner -and before you know it you'll have lost a whole lot more too!

Berni said...

I've got your ten pounds but I won't send them back. Congrats on losing them.

Marie Anne said...

Kudos to you for putting this out there for accountability!

I was a skinny kid and while in the Marine Corps for more than 21 yrs of course was very much in shape.

Since hitting menopause early at around 40 yrs old, the weight climbed on, a pound here and a pound there until one day I realized I was over 200 lbs. No way!

I started a low carb diet and the pounds came off. 50 of them. I've since cheated quite a bit and have gained 5 lbs back, but it still isn't bad. I'm determined to never get back to THAT place again.

I'm following you and added you to my blogroll at http://marieannesmissives.blogspot.com and will continue to support you on your journey.