Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Latest News

I called the trailer park manager today and talked with him about my dilemma. (The one I wrote about in my last post.) I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I didn't DO something, anything.. and might have to send Mr. Skittles to the store to get me some over the counter sleep aids.

I found out the trailer park has something called Medical Release And Reasonable Accommodation Request Verification forms. Wasn't that a mouthful! I fill out the top part with my doctor's name and address and they send it off to her for her to fill out the rest. Easy questions like do I have a disability, etc.

After she fills it out and mails it back it goes to the home office for review. In the meantime, the manager said I may continue with what I've been doing. I'm fairly certain she will answer the way I need it to be answered because she's already filled out an FMLA (Family Medical Leave of Absence) form for me earlier this year so Mr. Skittles can be home with me if/when my mental health issues require him to be home with me.

Cross your fingers it gets approved.


Nikki Neurotic said...

I hope you are able to get the office to approve that.

Erika Jean said...

Glad to hear things are going int he right direction with this. Did she say why they decided to make a new rule?

Rose said...

hope this action helps.

Misty DawnS said...

Has it been approved yet? Do I need to send Gina?