Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrap Session

Some days I just don't know what to write about, so I come here and start writing and hope a decent post will result. This is one of those days.

All our shopping is done. I cleared off the dining room table earlier and have been rounding up gifts to start wrapping them. We didn't do as much shopping or spend as much as we have in past years. I would have liked to have gotten everyone an iphone but I think they'll understand.

Speaking of phones. I was on the phone with my mom this morning. She's a bit technology challenged. She does fairly well though.. enough to do what she needs to do. Anyway, she told me she just found out her cell phone has a camera on it. And that at some point in time she took a picture of herself. She doesn't know how or when.

That's ok. I'm a bit technology challenged myself. And what I used to know seems to be fading. Old age, I suppose. Guess I'll go start wrapping presents. Thanks for dropping by.


Robyn Jones said...

My parents are badly techno challenged... We get frustrated trying to explain from two provinces away...LOL!

Carolina said...

Hi there,
I know I've been a bad blogfriend, sorry. But I'm glad I dropped by today. Decent post! We made the mistake of giving my mother one of our not so old but yet not in use anymore laptops. She's 79. Technology challenged doesn't begin to describe it. I explained with more patience than I knew I had how she could get on the internet and look up things. I explained it not once, not twice, not three times.... and every time she said she understood.
And then she was on the phone with us every evening. "How do I....?" and "What does it mean if....?"
She's started to do a computer course for absolute beginners and she begins to understand how the on/off button works I think. There is hope!
Not that I'm a technology wiz-wonder.
So who am I to laugh ;-)

Jeni said...

When you finish the gift wrapping, you can come here and help me with mine! LOL
I wanted to share some news with you but didn't want to put this out on Facebook but a lady from here in town commented the other day on my tabletoppers and such, wanted to know if any were for sale. So I told her yes, those and a bunch of other things I have made too and accumulated over time. She came over here today and started making selections -building a pile of things -and when she left, she had wiped out all 5 pillowcase sets I had done, bought 6 tabletoppers plus the Christmas tablecloth (on my crafts photo album) a set of coasters, 2 children's vests and the pair of terry handtowels with the teddy bear on them -for a grand total of $421 big ones. That, plus on Monday I sold four of the furry scarves I knit to girls at the cancer center and took in $46 bucks there! My lucky week, perhaps! Just hope and pray the check doesn't bounce ya know! LOL
Merry Christmas -just in case I don't get my cards addressed and mailed out in time. I'm way behind and I hate to do the cards -makes my fingers cramp up like crazy in five minutes flat!