Friday, March 28, 2008

Time To Vote

<-- Here is the picture I wanted captions for. Here are all the entries:

Noah the Great
submitted - "Stop. You're doing it wrong."

Misty Dawn submitted - "Now just stop! I can't help it that my hair matches the apron stripes better than yours. You should have been there at the meeting to vote on the outfits!"

Vixen submitted - "So last summer at band camp...."

madamspud169 submitted - "And the number one rule in fast food catering is "make sure your back is facing the customer when you spit."

bundle-o-contradictions submitted - Blonde-"Now, remember, the most important rule is: When you do something wrong, just adopt a blank stare, bat your eyes & flip your hair. You'll instantly be forgiven!" Brunette-"Ah, now I get it!"

Dottie submitted - "I know...we could lose a lot of business if people on the outside ever knew about this. So just remember, what happens here...stays here."

Akelamalu submitted - "Wait, you have to let the water boil first before you pour it on the teabag!"

Dane Bramage submitted - "That's it now stay calm, relaxed. See the food. Be the food."

Mrs. Brownstone submitted - And Rachel says, "Wait, Monica, you're going about this cooking thing in the wrong way!"

bindhiya submitted - "You know customers first?"

Sher submitted - "Now hold on... We're NOT going to do this like Lucille Ball did, on I Love Lucy!!"

The Freelance Guru submitted - "No no no. It's left arm in, left arm out..."

Curmudgeon submitted - I don't know what they're saying, but I'm almost sure it's in French.

Amy Shipp submitted - "I know these aprons are ugly! But, don't worry, no one we know comes in here."

Please vote for one person in EACH box. Thanks!


Forgetfulone said...

So glad you brought back the caption contest. I can never think of a good caption, but I always enjoy reading them and voting!

Hey it's Amy Benson said...

I can't believe I won! I never win anything!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. :D
Skittles, you made my day!!