Friday, April 04, 2008

Time To Vote

<-- This was the picture I wanted captions for. Ya'll sure left some good ones, too! Here are the choices you have to vote on:

said... You'd be smiling, too, if yours was this big.

Misty Dawn said... I'm up and I'm on a roll.

Tammy said... Who says "size doesn't count"?

Noah the Great said... Oh, wow, look at the size of the car coming, closer, closer...

Marci B. said... Oh, I forgot to put on some protection! (You know - like kneepads and a helmet...)

As American as Apple Pie said... I'm always this happy in the morning!

Akelamalu said... Haven't I got a beautiful smile?

Sassy Mama Bear said... "Oh my...someone please call a doctor the Viagra is in control and this erection has lasted more than 8 hours!"

bundle-o-contradictions said... Oh, no! Here comes Lorena Bobbitt!

masgblog said... Hi there. My name is Mr. PeePee, and I look like I'm a rocket about to shoot myself right up into the atmosphere.

peppylady said... I sure hope no one shows up and out sizes me.

Christine and FAZ said... Don't I look happy to see you?

Robyn Jones said... I'm an Oscar Meyer Weiner.... (add music...)

Curmudgeon said... The Free Willy campaign succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

NOTE: Please vote one time in EACH box.


jenn said...

Those are all too funny!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I loved this one! hehehe

Anonymous said...

The entries are all far too funny, but I had to vote for "Free Willy". *LOL*

Sonny said...

These are all so funny! I hardly couldn't decide... ;-)

Please stop by my blog if you like to, I'm finally back...

&hearts Sonny

Le Butterfly said...

I voted.

Also have a little poll going on my blog. Please help me choose.
Simone’s Butterfly: Spring Photos