Friday, September 05, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Yesterday I posted about going shopping and finding jeans in my size. AND that they are a size 6! Lest anyone think I miraculously lost about 200 pounds, I wanted to add that the sizes for those jeans start at size 1.. which would maybe be the same as an XL.

The confidence boost cannot be measured in sizes.

Yesterday, instead of just putting the dog on her tie out and sitting in a lawn chair while she did her business like I normally do, I took her for a walk. Then I walked her to the apartment office so she could get a doggy treat. Then I did some stuff around the house. Then later I made a good dinner AND washed the dishes. THEN me and hubby took the dog for a walk.

I feel just as good today.

If you are a larger size woman and don't have a Fashion Bug store near you, you can go here to shop online.


Also yesterday I posted a "Quickie" asking if anyone does sponsored posts on their blogs. A few people asked about that, so I thought I'd talk about where I get mine from and how it works. (I used to post for a lot more places but found the pickings were slim and the requirements higher than I was willing to do.)

I do my sponsored posts from PayU2Blog. There is no traffic requirement that I'm aware of. Your blog should be somewhat active and be at least 60(?) days old.

The main difference between this and other places I've "worked" for is that you have to do every assignment given as opposed to picking and choosing. The assignments are fairly easy.. just include the given link in any post, in any way, and the post has to have at least sixty words.

You are paid a flat rate of $5 per post and are paid every two weeks. That may not sound like a lot, but it does add up over time and you're going to be blogging anyway, right? (Smile.)


Lucy said...

Hi skittles, I would love to know more about this!! Like which of your posts were you asked to write? I don't see a link anywhere for payu2blog. I went there but without signing up, I am not getting much info. Boy, I could use a few xtra bucks! thanks

ShannonW said...

There isn't a Fashion Bug near me :( so thank you for the link! Silly me! I never thought to look for them online.

Smalltown RN said...

what a great and productive day you had....not only did you doggy feel good for getting out for a walk...but so did you and hubby....right on rock...keep it for the jeans...if they made you feel good...right need for you to explain the sizing...we knew what you meant...but what a boost to your ego!!!

Jeni said...

We do have a Fashion Bug near us but I haven't shopped there in years simply because as I morphed into this size (and age range) their items seemed all cut for people much-much smaller and younger than me. But the info you gave on these jeans -very appealing!
I forgot to respond yesterday about the sponsored posts too. I do them too -mainly PayU2Blog although I may occasionally find something of interest to write about via PPP or a couple other of the sponsored blog sites. The only thing I don't like about the PayU2Blog is that you can't turn down an offer and occasionally, I have been hard put to figure out a way to insert the key word to my post. But the payment, while not huge, is a lot steadier by comparison to even the ops available to me on PPP, so I'll keep on with this group as long as I can. (I think you're the one who told me about them, come to think of it.)

Mom Knows Everything said...


Jen said...

How cool! I'll have to look into the sponsored posts, although I'll probably have to get off my hind end and actually make a new public blog. I know, I've been saying I'll do it forever!